The New Hell of a Halloween Website

Please forgive the mess around here.  I blew up my old site for a more visual layout and we are right in the middle of remodeling.  Please keep coming back and watch it evolve.  I am sure you won’t be disappointed.  We are working as fast as unhumanly possible.Disneyland-Haunted-Mansion

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The Darker Side of Halloween

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Who is Behind the Madness!

Here is a little history of the Gouls, who love Halloween, and want to help you have a Hell of a Halloween this year!


And many more new features to come.

We want to give you a place for inspiration and connection, a home if you will, for people who love Halloween.  We are continuing to add to our site but you if have a great idea please send us a message and help us make this a better site.  Keep checking in with us and become a part of this growing site.  Remember Halloween is not just one day a year!